Our Services

Anything Grows is here to help! Interior Plantscapes, decorative containers, tropical plant rentals, small landscapes, quality silks, cut or potted flower programs, and of course Christmas displays, are all available.

Creativity and flexibility are the operative words in planning a display to suit each client's particular situation. 

Maintenance plans include; purchase or lease. Anything Grows fully guaranteed plant replacement warranty comes free of charge with our maintenance packages.

Our company policy is, and always has been, to use environmentally friendly methods and materials.



We offer the highest quality tropical plants for sales and/or rental, including on-going maintenance and a free consultation.


Service plans

Custom plans are available for tropical plants and/or flower displays for your office.



We're happy to offer no surprises!  Get convenient equal billing on monthly agreements.


free introductory consultations

All estimates are based on in-person site visits to assess your individual considerations and needs.



Rent plants for your next special occasion, conference, or trade show.  On-site delivery and pick-up are supplied.



Small scale commercial planting and maintenance including patios, decks, and small gardens.


top quality plants & materials

We supply plants that are carefully chosen to perform well in typical indoor conditions.  We also draw upon a wide supply network for decorative planters and materials.


high end foliage and flowers

Enjoy high end silk foliage and flower displays customized to your needs.


Weekly maintenance by professional tropical plant specialists in company uniforms.  Maintenance includes:

  • Check all plants for moisture levels.
  • Hand-wipe or spray foliage to remove dust as required.
  • Assess general condition and identify potential problems.
  • Treat problems promptly with non-toxic controls or cultural remedies.
  • Fertilize monthly throughout active growth period from March to October.
  • Remove all damaged foliage.
  • Clean outside surfaces of planters.
  • Keep decorative topping refreshed as required.
  • Turn and/or move plants for uniform light exposure.
  • Trim excess foliage to maintain desirable plant form.
  • Plants will be temporarily removed from public areas for insect control measures and/or extra cleaning, as required.
  • With guaranteed maintenance plans, any plant will be replaced as required, free of charge.


plant replacement guarantee

All guaranteed service plans include automatic replacement, without charge, of any plant that does not meet our high quality standards (or yours).


seasonal flower changes

Greet your clients and guests with season colour.  Live potted flowers are changed on a planned schedule to keep the display fresh.


festive decorative services

Have your office stand out during Christmas or any other festive event.